Federal Engineering and Testing has been in business now for over two decades. Over this period of time, we have been fortunate of working with almost any type of industry.

In the beginning we started off with doing mostly residential work. Which due to the boom in the late 90's, became a very vast and demanding industry. What started out as small additions and individual single family homes soon graduated to large scale subdivisions with full site development and over 700 new single family homes. Shortly after the housing boom we started getting more into commercial work doing engineering services for large warehouse complexes and shopping centers. Halfway through the last decade we started getting into doing public sector work for local and state governments.


Transport, Trade, Commerce and Tourism.


Public Transportation and Governmental Sector.


Subdivisions, Condominiums and Residences.


Quality Assurance from a team you can trust.

Federal Engineering and Testing has been in business for over two decades now. Over this period we have been able to handle any size project that was thrown our way. We are prepared and willing to take on your next major project and can assure you that we will keep your job on track and will not hold up your operations. Here are some assurances of how we are able to do so:


We employ a very sizable group of experienced engineers, field technicians and office staff.


Over the years we have learned that having the right reliable state of the art equipment is key.


Once we are selected we dedicate ourselves 100% to your project, nothing is put on the back burner.


We know that waiting on us in not an option so we will always be there when you need us.