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Phase I, environmental site assessments – Is the process of having an environmental inspector go out and perform a visual site inspection and do an in depth environmental historical research on the site.

Phase II, sampling and investigation of soil and groundwater – Is the process of having monitoring wells installed, groundwater sampled and tested on the site in question, because evidence of possible environmental contamination was suspected after completing a phase I.

UST compliance inspection and management Is an inspection and review of an existing underground storage tank facility to verify that it complies with the latest standards.

Building condition assessments Is an inspection performed by an environmental professional that checks the current environmental condition of an existing building.

Site Assessment Reports Is an inspection performed by an environmental professional that checks the current environmental condition of an existing site.

Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure Assessments Is an inspection where a certified environmental inspector monitors the removal of UST and analyses the environmental impacts.

Environmental Drilling Is specific drilling performed to obtain samples for further environmental evaluation and information.

Field Sampling and Analytical Laboratory Services Is field sampling performed by an environmental technician and then performing specific laboratory environmental evaluations of the samples.

Radon and Mold Indoor Air Quality Surveys Is an inspection that involves sampling of air and materials to evaluate them for radon and mold content.

Emergency Response Assessments Is an immediate inspection performed by an environmental technician to evaluate the conditions related to an environmental contamination.

Initial Remedial Actions Is a plan that explains the actions to be performed to remove the source of an environmental contamination.


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